Who doesn't love a sharpshooter?

Irvine Kinneas
24 November
Galbadia Garden
Hey, if there's any ladies out there reading this, I'm still single. But yes. on to the fun part. My name is Irvine Kinneas and I'm 17, am a sagittarius, and I measure 6 feet on the dot. I have dark blue eyes, and dark red/brown hair that is pulled back since it is quite long. I'm always wearing my favorite cowboy hat. I'm a student at the Galbadia Garden military academy, and my weapons are guns. I was put on a mission to assasinate Edea and that's where I met Squall, Rinoa, and the crew. They're my good pals now, and it turns out that we're all from the same orphanage, freaky, huh? I'm a sharpshooter, and it's getting really lonely. I thought Selphie liked me,but she just rejected me. I'll always be alone and misunderstood *sigh*